January 23, 2005

Delays, delays.

Sometimes life imitates art, sometimes it’s the other way around. And sometimes, life just lays down in the middle of your path and sticks its paws in the air and refuses to let you do anything else until you pay attention to it for a while.

Lately, it’s been like that.

I’m not trying to be philosophical (good thing, too), I’ve just been thinking about all the art I haven’t gotten done recently due to the various demands of life in general.

If you go to the Links page, you’ll find a link to EBSQart.com … (“an ever-growing art association whose members represent their own work to the public” [quote from their website] It’s a great site, I belong to it, and you should very definitely check it out. There is a wondrous collection of talent there. Anyway….) Every month, EBSQ puts on a themed online show. This month it is “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Have I had great, “Paint Me NOW” ideas for each of the seven deadly sins, as well as things that should probably count for deadly sins #8, 9 and 10? Absolutely! Have I been able to get anything other than the roughest of sketches done on these projects? Nope! EBSQ put on a show at the end of 2004 to give everyone one last chance to show off show entries that never actually made it into their respective shows … the “Better Late Than Never” show. Did I manage to get anything put up for that? Guess.

Life has wrapped itself around my leg and been nibbling on my ankle. I’m about ready to punt it over the balcony.