April 10, 2005

The Week in Review

“Ooooh, give back my heart, chip-kicker redneck woman. Take your boots and walk out of my life.” (Sorry, got a little Lyle Lovett “thang” going this morning. Had to share.)

Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegon… Heh. Sorry again.

April has so far been much, much better than March was. In fact, this morning we woke up to about six inches of lovely wet spring snow, with the promise of another foot or so before tomorrow morning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow.

Here’s a (somewhat, but not terribly) chronological list of the events of April 2005 to date:

1. Took part in a one-day yard sale with my in-laws where we shivered and cussed through the morning and finally gave up…just in time for the sun to come out and warm everything up to the promised 60 degree mark. However, I think we were the only yard sale in town that day, so we did a pretty good business. I still can’t believe the humidifier didn’t sell, though.

2. Discovered that the air conditioning had gone out in the car. Since it worked a treat BEFORE we had to go shell out large amounts of money to get the alternator replaced, and then worked considerably less well afterwards, I’m hoping that maybe it’s an easy fix.

2a. Began considering the pros and cons of getting a different (not necessarily new) car

3. I officially got a year older. Sigh.

4. My wonderful, darling, oh-so-spiffy husband person took me to opening day at Coors Field, where I not only got to watch someone’s nose explode due to an unfortunate connection with a foul ball, but the Rockies managed to pull out a bottom-of-the-ninth win against the Padres. Rockies 12, Padres 10, Bloody Nasal Explosions 1.
(And just as an aside to the row of drunken twits behind us…Folks, when someone on the field is injured, they stop play. When someone in the stands gets smacked in the schnozz by a foul, the game continues. And yelling at the umpires that they need to stop the game because someone got hurt…well, not only are they going to ignore you, even if they could hear you from that far away, but you’re just succeeding in pissing off those of us around you who, while we feel really bad for injured gentleman, just want to be able to pay attention to the game. In short, SHUT THE HELL UP!)

5. Did our first volunteer shift for the cat shelter’s booth at a cat show and learned way more about the ins and outs of cat shows than I ever thought possible. But, Tonya and Twila, two lovely seal- and smoke-point (respectively) Himalayans, managed to charm a nice couple into adopting both of them. Tully, the 4-year old white male who was in the other cage in the booth…well, let’s just say that Tully wasn’t exactly working it. He is a very handsome white, longhaired male, who is trying to live down the lion cut he got a while back to deal with some serious matting problems. He was thrilled when I put his lunch out for him, but then proceeded to sleep away the rest of the show.

Annnnndddd….that was about it. Since I took a break while writing this, the snow is now up to at least the 12” level, and just continues to keep coming on down. Woo-Hoo!

Oh, you wanted to know what’s going on in the realm of artwork? Well, I finally got all my old canvases up on the wall of my studio, does that count?

Actually, I’m currently engaged in an argument with myself as to whether I should get my butt in gear and finish this damn autumn painting, or just give in and set it aside in favor of the “Laundry Cat” painting that is tickling my brain. I should finish the autumn abstract. I want to work on the kitty painting. I am a project ho. I tend to abandon whatever is currently on the easel for whatever new and shiny project has revealed itself.

I need to quit that! I’ll probably keep plugging along on the autumn painting, but I won’t be happy about it.

(Addendum: But what I really, really, REALLY want to do is go downstairs, dive into my fabric stash and whip up something truly fabulous. Screw the painting.)