June 7, 2005

And Now I'm Back...

Actually, I've been back for a while. But there have been website migrations/updates/etc. to deal with, and that whole "WHY the HELL did I come back HERE??? Why didn't I just stay at the beach with the seagulls???" mentality to deal with, and a whole lot of internal discussions about artwork and just what exactly I wanted to take on next. Not to mention dealing with the bionic weeds in the garden that apparently unionized or something while we were gone, and the snake that's moved into the vinca patch and insists on slithering out to see me every time I go into the backyard.

Whew! I've been busy!

Anyway...long story short: I'm still getting my act together after vacation, and while I have scads of new ideas and things to talk about, I'm still in the process of getting them assembled into some sort of coherent pile. So keep your eyes peeled, and I'll post again soon.