July 10, 2005

Five dollars very well spent

No, our cats are not spoiled – just very, very, very well-loved. Let me cling to my illusions, will you?

I will admit to having been well-trained by His Hubbardness. One of his favorite haunts is the piece of countertop right between the two sinks in our bathroom. Like many cats, he loves to drink the running water out of the faucet. Most cats can finagle getting one faucet turned on for them from time to time. Hubbard got to the point where he could get both of them turned on for his drinking pleasure, pretty much any time he wanted. However, when it got to where he would look back and forth between the faucets and indicate quite clearly that he’d really rather drink from another -- non-existent -- tap, we decided maybe it was time to think about investing in a Drinkwell. (http://www.petfountain.com/dpf.asp)

Yes, a water fountain for the cat. Because he’s not spoiled enough.

However, the $45-$50 price tag on these units was enough to put us off for quite a while. Yes, we love him, but we also have a budget to consider.

Mr. Hubbard, it turned out, was not to be denied. Apparently, he has some kind of a furry fairy godmother on his side, because this weekend we happened upon on secondhand Drinkwell unit, complete with filters, for a bank-breaking $5. (It pays to visit thrift stores.)

The Pater Felinus took care to break the unit down and clean it thoroughly before filling it and giving it a place of honor on the bathroom counter, where it was promptly inspected and deemed worthy of his fuzzy majesty’s attention. I thought he was going to drink it dry in the first few minutes, but he did eventually rein himself in. Now I just wonder how much more frequently his kitty box will need to be changed.