November 15, 2005

Oh Darn, It Works.

Finally, my elusive webmaster was strapped to a chair and forced to walk me through (again, I admit) how to upload pictures to the site. In my defense, there had been some problems with the whole FTP / Mozilla dynamic which prevented pictures from being uploaded by anybody…so my inability to recall just exactly how it worked was rather a moot point.

But, now that it works and I’’ve put up a few new pictures in the gallery (yes, really…go see for yourself) I find that I’’m stuck. I have several more pictures to post, but they are all of odd-sized pieces and need to be stitched together. And the photo-stitching software seems to have gone walkabout. So you’’ll just have to wait on those, I guess.

And the links work now, too. I thought about going back through the journal entries and fixing the various links that I’’ve sprinkled here and there, but I’’m basically too lazy. Just know that from here on out, any in-journal links will be live.

If you’’ll allow me to vent (way off-topic) for just a moment...permit me to tell you of my rather hellacious drive home Monday night. See, it was raining. Unless people are from somewhere in this country that gets more than 6 rainy days per year (read: almost anywhere but Colorado) they should not be allowed to drive in Denver in the rain. You know why? Because they are incompetent to drive on wet roads! I mean, really, people. It’s not that difficult. Granted, I learned to drive while living in one of the soggiest corners of the country, so I’’m less intimidated by wet roads than most people, but still. I don’’t think it’’s too much to ask to master those few skills needed to drive in the rain. Increase your following distance, turn on your lights but understand that your high beams will not make it easier to see (and in fact it does nothing other than increase your chances of being killed in a road rage incident by someone unfortunate enough to be in the oncoming lane), and refrain, for these few bloody hours, from driving in such a way that will necessitate you or me or anyone else slamming on their brakes. (That’s aimed at Denver’’s particular breed of traffic-weavers.)

Oh, and for those of you who view rainy days as an excellent excuse to whip out that cavalier “I’’ve got 4-wheel drive – weather cannot touch me!” attitude and go blowing past me at twenty over the limit, without your lights? Eat hot death. And while I don’’t wish any bodily harm to come to you…okay, no fatal bodily harm…I do hope to see you upside down in the ditch. And when thatcomes to pass, I shall rejoice. Yes, I am that petty.

Okay, I’m done venting. Everybody have a good day.