January 1, 2007

Happy 2007!

Well, good morning and Happy 2007!

Now, normally I don’t have much truck with New Year’s resolutions. You want to go ahead and make a resolution, that’s fine…but I think this Start a New Life at the Stroke of Midnight lends a little more pressure to the situation than really needs to be there.

However…you’ll notice that here I am – on New Year’s Day -making good on my decision to quit neglecting KittyChair.

Though not obvious from the state of the gallery page, the last quarter of ’06 was actually quite a busy time, art-wise. I painted up a large number of ceramic coasters / trivets, first for a craft fair and then to fill orders taken at the craft fair. By the time Christmas came along, I was heartily sick and tired of painting tiles. And because I was doing them under such a time crunch, I didn’t manage to get any good photos taken of them.

However, since the craft fair is going to repeat itself this year, I’ve already made plans to handle it in a more efficient manner. No special orders this year…I’m just going to do a slow and steady production of the tiles over the course of the year and whatever is in stock come October is what will be available. And part of the whole production process will be photos of the tiles as they get finished.

That’s the plan anyway. Of course, there are also plans to work more on some illustration work, get more exercise and win the lottery. We’ll see where things stand 365 days from now.