December 18, 2007

See What Happens When You Don't Post For Almost A Year?

Well, would you look at this? Somebody came along and done-did rearranged my whole web world! Funny things like that tend to happen when you don’t update your site for the best part of an entire year.

For those of you new to KittyChair, feel free to look around. For those of you who are returning surfers, here’s a quick rundown of the changes: is now primarily just a gallery site. The journal portion has moved over here to this blogger site. If your computers are anything like mine and my mom’s, any old links you had to KittyChair won’t work…you’ll have to type in the URL and re-bookmark it.

2007, though almost entirely un-blogged, was actually fairly busy from an art-making standpoint. I illustrated a children’s book and took part in two craft fairs, in addition to painting for various gift-giving occasions. I also got back into the art-selling mindset – I now have my own store over at (No sales yet, but I continue to be hopeful!)

Art plans for 2008 involve illustrating yet another children’s book, getting it in gear over at the Etsy store, and de-cluttering my studio so that the only stuff I have in it is stuff that might conceivably be used. My one goal for oh-eight can best be summed up thusly: “Paint More Stuff.”

There are other, non-art, plans for the new year as well, but since a lot of them hinge on the employment situation of the Amazing Husbandini, those plans don’t really need to be mentioned quite yet.

So there’s the scoop. More updates as events warrant.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good…whatever.