June 26, 2008

I would like to point out that I don't discuss my day job here. I'm taking the high road...and damn, it's tough. All I'll say is that I spent most of today praying for a layoff.

Anyway... Remember The List? Well, it's been revised:

  • 2 mini cat paintings for Mom (I know, I've only posted the first two I painted. The third one will just have to be a surprise.)
  • Edit and illustrate 2nd children's book (Eventually...Pam's had some serious delays.)
  • "Secondhand Circus" project (This is still on the list, but I'm starting to worry that this particular muse has abandoned me.)
  • "Heaving Frontispieces" collection (Ditto.)
  • Paintings/illustrations for 2008 Christmas cards. Christmas is six months from yesterday...I think I'd best get moving on this one.
  • Living room tryptich.
That last one is the most recent addition to the list, as well as being the largest project on there. (Three 20" x 30" gallery wraps to hang over the new couch...The Amazing Husbandini's idea.) I've finished the backgrounds and decided how they should best go together, but I'm not falling in love with the foreground idea. So who knows if they'll every actually get finished. I'd post a photo, but...why? Imagine three big rectangles painted in shades of peach, yellow and rose and you'll have it.

In other news...

Weather = Still hot.
Me = Still unhappy about weather.


Dear Author of Book I'm Currently Reading:

The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, not Cheyenne. Twas ever thus. If you claim to have lived the last 25 years in Jackson Hole, shouldn't you know that? I'm very much opposed to messing with the holdings of the public library, so I won't cross out every place you have written "Cheyenne" and write in "Laramie" before I return this copy. But don't think I haven't thought about it. Other than that, I'm enjoying the story. Please get your act together before your next book.