December 5, 2009

Ow. And Eww.

I just colored for 6+ hours, straight. I don't think my fingers will ever uncramp. Nor do I think this knot is ever coming out of my shoulder muscles.

Yes, I said "colored". Yes, I am an adult. Yes, the coloring was for one of my semester projects. Luckily, my coloring skills were perfected at a very young age, so the re-learning curve was negligible.

In other news, we had a bit of a litter box incident tonight. Somebody piddled where they oughtn't. However, since all four of the beasties were upstairs this afternoon/evening, there's really no way of telling who did it or what the cause might have been. We're hoping it was a one-time incident brought on by too much feline togetherness and a less-than pristine litter box. So for the next little bit we're going to be extra vigilant.

I know, I know ... sore fingers and cat pee. More reminders of my status as the world's most boring human.

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