December 10, 2009

Update on Big Acoustic Kitty

Here's a picture of his handsome self - just because:

Well, we decided to do a little "wait and see" on the outside-the-box piddling issues, just in case it was stress-induced. Once "the horde" was kept downstairs and he had some time to relax, that problem seemed to resolve itself. So that was good news. However, we had been noticing an increase in his water consumption and subsequent "output", so we decided to give the vet a call and see what she had to say. Predictably, she wanted him to come in for some bloodwork. So that is what most of today was taken up with.

We went ahead and okay'd the full blood panel, along with testing for thyroid problems and pancreatitis. The blood panel should be back tomorrow, with the rest of the results coming back early next week. He's down a couple of pounds since his last visit in October, and he was slightly dehydrated, so they know something's going on, but nobody's quite sure what it is yet. BAK had to stay at the vet's for most of the morning, since his usual inside-the-carrier "accident" had left his bladder empty and unable to provide a urine sample. So I took the Amazing Husbandini to work and then hit the library and did some time-killing running around for a few hours before the vet's office called and said BAK was ready to go home. They gave him some sub-cutaneous fluids while he was there, so hopefully that will be some help to him.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that there's obviously something wrong, but we don't know yet what it is or how serious it might be. We're keeping our fingers crossed and praying that it's something treatable. He was out of his carrier at the vet this morning and busily investigating the exam room, so we know he's not down for the count. We have both agreed that as long as our little curious bug is still in evidence, it's worth doing what we can to keep him going. Once that interest in life starts to go away, then we'll deal with that aspect of things.

We both hope that things will settle down and that BAK will be able to have at least one more happy and comfortable Christmas with us. We adopted him around Christmas, and if his time is coming to an end, we'd rather be able to associate Christmas with his coming into our lives, not with him leaving us.

So that's where we are now. More updates as events warrant.

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