January 9, 2011

Feline Unemployment Rate Plummets to 75%!!!

"3 Out Of 4 Felines Count Their Blessings And Go Back To Sleep."

Yes, that's right ... somebody's been put to work, and that somebody would be this guy:

Little Grey Kitteh has been appointed to the position of "office cat". This position will allow him to fully realize his napping, cuddling and paper-throwing-on-the-floor talents, as well as allowing his humans to pretend that at least one of The Horde is pulling his/her own weight.

For those couple of site visitors who aren't actually related to me by blood or marriage, let me give a little background: 2 years ago I jumped ship with Corporate America (thanks be to God Almighty!) and went back to school to get my Horticulture degree. I have since gotten a job (permanent, but seasonal) with a local garden center in their tree and shrub nursery, and decided to also open my own business as a landscape designer. Since I'll be working out of a home office, and since the space in question is currently occupied by LGK, he was the obvious choice for the office cat job.

I'm still working on the website, marketing materials, etc., but Mr. LGK will have a prominent place as the furry face of the business. And while I am intending to keep my kitty-person blogging and my professional life separate, I will share some of LGK's glamour shots with you when they're all done.

Now, if I can just figure out a way to make the other three a little more productive...

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