February 16, 2011

Nose Update ...

... since I know that explosive, bloody sneezes are not the kind of thing you just mention once and then abandon forever.

Big Acoustic Kitty has decided that I am the most horrible person on the entire planet for making him take his nasty liver-flavored antibiotics twice a day for the better part of two weeks. He's back to rushing underneath the bed whenever I come in to the room. However, since he hasn't been given any antibiotics for several days, and I know for a fact that he's smart enough to figure out that we're done with the meds, he's now doing it just to be a poop. Apparently I haven't been punished enough yet.

The nose issue seems to have cleared up, though it took several days for the meds to do anything. And, while I learned that Nature's Miracle does wonders for blood stains on bedding, I also learned that if you spray the stain and then accidentally let it dry before laundering it, you're hosed. So - new sheets are on the shopping list.

The arthritis is acting up again, so we're planning another chiro/acupuncture session for post-tax refund days. Annnnnddd, the "hiding from the meds" act has been messing up BAK's insulin injections, which in turn makes the leg-wobbles even worse. Le Sigh.

In short, he's being a pain in the ass, but at least the outside-of-ordinary health issues seem to have been licked. So there you go.

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hi hon! Just did a little catching up here and at the "behavioral institute."

Was soooo glad to read the screen door idea worked out. We're having a spot of trouble here with Annie. Now that Winnie is gone she's in Omega territory... in her mind more than from the girls really picking on her, I think, and I was considering getting a screen door for my bedroom.

A friend ribbed me and all I could think was, "You know, when life is peaceful all is good and and don't give a darn if it looks weird!"

Hugs'n'headbutts from B'more and looking forward to catching up a bit more over time!