February 20, 2012

Is 160 years old still considered Retro?

Has anyone else seen this? Am I the last to the party?

This is the Singer 160th Anniversary Limited Edition sewing machine. On the one hand I think, "why?" There are plenty of vintage ones still around that you can pick up on the cheap and - if tended - will probably still be sewing along in fine shape years from now. This plastic and electronic version? Maybe not so much.

On the other hand, the old Singers are all straight-stitch only, which can be very limiting. And this one does have all the bells and whistles. And, at least it's not yet another hunk of white plastic.

So - $499.99 puts it out of my price range, so I won't be getting one in any case. I give it a plus for not being generic, but I'd rather spend 5% or 10% of what this one costs and get myself a "real" one off of Craigslist or at a garage sale.

More sewing machine posts to come soon - I found my camera, now I just need it to disgorge the photos!

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Mom said...

And, of course, some of us still have the true "old" machines ... with treadle drive to keep one's leg muscles in shape. No, this little reproduction is cute and all that, but not a practical idea ... especially at that price.