February 2, 2005

Happy Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day is an under-celebrated holiday. When you think about it, it's actually pretty cool. People are either on their way to recovering from the excess year end holiday-ing or are deep in festivity withdrawal. (Depends on the person, I guess...some years I'm in one category, some years another.) A lot of folks don't care for Valentine's Day, so I think this makes Groundhog Day the perfect return to celebration. And how many other days of the year do we spend focusing on cute, furry animals? Yeah, none.

Anyway, I've taken it upon myself to pay a little more attention to February 2nd from now on. Next year, I'm thinking...groundhog costume.

Art? Oh, yeah...art. I do have some news on that front. The news is...technical difficulties. I'm in mid-painting, and I have several work-in-progress photos to put up, but the nifty computer that my sweetie built for me for Christmas doesn't have the proper software installed that will enable me to get them back off of the camera.

Yes, thank you, I am entirely capable of installing said software myself. However...he's the computer god, so he gets to take care of these things for me.

On top of that, Mozilla and this whole FTP thingy don't seem to play nice with one another. Yet another item on the webmaster's to-do list. Until that gets fixed, no new pictures are going up, even if the whole software issue is resolved.

I don't enjoy being behind on site updates, but I'm not too concerned. This too shall pass.