February 8, 2005

Cats, batteries and where the hell is that Sandman?

How much longer than usual do you suppose it takes to type something when one arm is fully occupied in cuddling a very needy cat? Guess I’ll find out.

Guess what? When the battery in my digital camera says it’s about to go belly up, it’s not messing around. I swear the thing gave me two blinks of its little battery icon before it shut itself off. And the lovely set of rechargeable batteries that Bear gave me to go with this camera? Still packed in a box in the garage, we’re guessing.

Anyway…camera dead = no new pictures on the site. They’re in the camera, but they’ve said they won’t come out without an offering of fresh batteries. And since the super-spiffy Kodak lithium space shuttle camera battery costs half the national deficit to replace, it’s either wait for payday and buy the “good” battery, or battle the spiders in the garage to find the set of rechargeables.

Good God…it’s official. I’m the most boring person on the planet. Who else spends that much time discussing batteries?

No, instead I’m going to chalk it up to a lack of sleep. With the exception of last night, I am unable to remember the last time I got more than four hours of sleep at a stretch. (Which means I’m increasingly unable to remember a lot of things….a decent night’s sleep being important to one’s short-term memory.) Lately, I’ve been crabby, sleepy and even more absent-minded than usual. Bear and the cats are going to pack up their stuff and move to a hotel pretty soon, I think.

Enjoy your evening (or morning or whatever), and hopefully I’ll have a more interesting, less disjointed post tomorrow.