September 6, 2005


Just in case anybody cares (though I can’t imagine why they would), the dental problems escalated and resulted in an emergency root canal. Hello, Vicodin!!!

But in other, more important news…

If you don’t know about Hurricane Katrina, you’ve been living in a cave somewhere a long ways from the Gulf Coast. If you can’t figure out a way to help, I lack the power to enlighten you. (If you can’t figure out a way to help, you’re too goddamn stupid to live.)

As you can see on Kitty Chair’s main page, I’ve posted a couple of links to the Humane Society and North Shore Animal League.

(The links mentioned are on the old site, just Google for those names and you'll find 'em - ed.)

Both of these groups stepped in immediately to provide aid to the non-human victims of this disaster, and any help you can give them would be immensely appreciated. As a matter of fact, if you make a donation to either of these groups, or any other animal-related Katrina relief efforts and e-mail me some proof, I’ll work out a deal with you…how does a half-price pet portrait sound? I’ll even throw in some free shipping. Donations over $200 get you a free pet portrait.

Speaking of Katrina and art, I shamelessly copied this from an article on the HSUS website titled “Refusing to Leave Them Behind, Evacuees Smuggled Their Pets Out With Them”:

“Then there was Lola. Earlier this week, Boller [HSUS worker] was helping with pet intake at the Astrodome in the middle of the night when the lovebird arrived. The young woman who brought the bird obviously hadn’t slept for days, and she mentioned having come from the Superdome. All she and her little boy had with them was a small plastic bag of personal items, and Lola—although the bird was not immediately apparent to Boller’s eyes. The woman told him, “I’ve got something for you,” and then pressed her breasts together slightly and rolled her shoulders in a way that might have seemed suggestive in another context. Lola the lovebird popped up out of her cleavage, having spent most of the bus trip tucked inside her owner’s bra.”

Lola is totally getting her own painting! I have zero idea of who her “person” is or even exactly what Lola looks like, but I’m doing a painting of Lola. I’ll post updates on it and put it up here when it’s finished and start taking bids for it. (Maybe I’ll do it via eBay, but I loathe eBay and would like to keep my promise to never use them again.) However it gets offered, all proceeds from the sale of “Lola” will go directly to either HSUS or North Shore Animal League. Buyer’s choice.

And one last Katrina note…am I the only person who felt like buying a boat, using up all their remaining vacation time and heading to New Orleans to start plucking people off of roofs? Just checking.