September 8, 2005

Lola Update

Lola's online!

Currently, my site gets a tad wonky when I try to post links, so I'll just give you really easy directions: Go to the Humane Society's website ( and click on "Portrait of a Response" under the Pictures and Videos section. Slide number eight is Lola!

I'm quite happy she got her photo online, because I was having a time of it, trying to decided if she was one of the brightly colored lovebirds, or a peach-faced lovebird, or just what the heck her coloring would be. But now I know, and it will fit into her painting quite nicely.

I've been swamped with a couple of "must do" things over the past two days, but I have the preliminary sketch of Lola's painting finished, and I should be able to make good progress on it this weekend. More updates as they occur.