September 12, 2005

I Need a Keeper

Sometimes I just have to wonder what the hell goes on in my brain.

Here’s the update on the Lola painting: It’s well underway; a good 50% finished, I’d say. I ended up doing the background just with a palette knife and came up with some nice rainy, grey, streak-y effects. I doodled in the general shapes with a liner brush and then ended up doing most of the rest of the big blocks of color with just the palette knife as well. The slightly impressionistic effect is rather pleasing, I think. I’ll have to go back and clean out a spot for Lola, since she’s going to be more finely detailed than the rest of the painting. (It is her painting, after all.)

However, after I got all this done, I stopped to think about just what I was doing. I’m doing a 20” x 20” gallery wrap canvas to put up for sale and then donate the proceeds of the sale (I hope) to charity. I’m doing this big-ass canvas in OIL! Not just in oil, but in fairly thick LAYERS of oil! What the hell is wrong with me? Sure, Colorado’s arid climate speeds the drying process up a bit, but not that much! It’s going to be a good six weeks before the thing is dry enough to even think about shipping to somebody!

I…am a moron.

Well, whatever. When I get this one finished, maybe I’ll just keep it and do an acrylic copy and auction that off. Or, maybe I’ll just wait until this one is dry enough and then put it up for sale. After all, it's not like the aftermath of Katrina is going to fade away over the next two months.

Pictures coming at some point. My resident webmaster and I are overdue for a discussion about the lack of new pictures around here.

One last, minor thing…my studio smells overwhelmingly like oil paint and linseed oil. Yum!!!