September 25, 2005

Movie Crack

The Amazing Husbandini and I have been wallowing in Middle Earth lately. A few weeks ago, after what had been a particularly draining day at work for both of us, we happened to slump down on the sofa just as "The Two Towers" was starting on one of the movie channels. Neither of us had been caught up in the Lord of the Rings fervor when the films had come out in the theaters, but for whatever reason, we decided to watch “TTT” that night. Annnnd....that was all it took. It was a great movie, and we both agreed that we'd need to rent the other two pretty soon. It just so happened that a night or two later, "Fellowship of the Ring" was on one of the other movie channels. So we watched it and had the same reaction. The next night, while making dinner and discussing what we wanted to watch that night, we both said, "Duh!" We put dinner on hold and scampered over to the local video store to rent "Return of the King".

Love, love, love the movies! (Okay, I think I love them a tad more than my sweetie does, but I'm the one who relates more the fantasy side of things...he's the sci-fi lover.) So of course, what did we HAVE to do at that point? (Read: What did my sweetie have to do to be able to get some peace in his own house?) Why, buy the movies on DVD, of course.

But it wasn't that simple. See, I'd read most of "Fellowship" a long time ago. And I'd skimmed the other books enough to have a vague idea of things that happened. And I knew there was stuff missing. So after researching some of the LOTR websites, I knew that the super-deluxe extended editions were the only way to go. I wanted these movie so badly I even broke my own personal rule about venturing into the local Wal-Mart to look for them. Long story short, nobody in the Metro Denver area had all three extended versions in stock. However, certainly did.

So I’ve been biting my nails over the past week, waiting for the super-duper, deluxe extended director’s cut 12-disc set to arrive at our door. And arrive it has. Friday night was “Fellowship”. Last night was “TTT”. And tonight, we will finish up this Middle Earth crack party with the 4+ hour extravaganza that is “Return of the King”. Damn, I’m happy.

Yes, I am a geek. I’m just damn glad I didn’t go see these in the theaters. I couldn’t have handled the wait in between movies or the wait for the “extras” on DVD. Well, I could have handled it, but it wouldn’t have been pretty.

In other news, “Lola” has been resting, getting dry enough that I can make a couple of changes to the background before going in and finishing up the fine detail work. She should be done soon.

It’s supposed to be cool and grey today, so before we start the final movie, I think I’ll wander out and do some damage to the weeds in my garden. It’s gotten kind of scary out there recently. But I’d really appreciate it if those baby snakes didn’t make an appearance again.