October 7, 2005

Update Without a Snappy Title

Or even a somewhat-snappy title, for that matter. I've had a long week.

"Lola" is still in process. I have to admit that there for a couple of weeks I didn't have the energy to work on her...or anything else. But, I pushed a little paint tonight, and hope to have her done soon.

On the plus side, after all the complaining I did about how long it was going to take for the painting to dry, etc, I remembered that my oil paintings don't take that long...thanks to linseed oil and paint thinner (and the liberal use thereof), my oil paintings tend to try much more quickly than those of artists who use their oils straight up, no thinner. I like thin paint.

I haven't actually gotten to Lola yet...I'm still futzing with the anonymous torso of her person. It's sloppy and vague and kind of scrubby looking, but I'm deciding more and more that that's how I want it.

And I did talk myself out of painting Lola in a tiny life preserver.

So there's your update...I'm off to settle down with the Big Acoustic Kitty and a Terry Pratchett book. ETA of the Sandman: T minus two minutes and counting.

Bonus KittyChair Movie Review: If you enjoyed the three "Wallace & Gromit" shorts that have been out forever, you will love "Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit." My resident studmuffin (human) and I hit the first showing here at our local theater, and enjoyed every minute of it. Any movie that unashamedly makes that many "melon" jokes gets two paint-covered "paws up" from this household.