March 11, 2006

Hello Again.

You can always tell if the people who reside in a particular house have cats. There are many ways in which to make this determination, but by far one of the most reliable is by watching for the odd polka-dot pattern in the carpet that comes from cleaning up after lots and lots of hairballs. Generally, these lighter spots will also have the carpet fibers arranged in a nice swirl pattern of some sort.

Can you guess what I’ve been doing this morning? Damn cat. have we all been lately? Yes, I know, I haven’t been around much. (And it’s not primarily due to it being shedding / hairball season around here.) I have some projects underway, but they are more in the “paint something, anything will ya?” category. I haven’t been exactly inspired by anything lately. I’ve also been carrying some things around in my brain that I just haven’t felt like writing about here. And since I knew that, if I got started on some journal entries, those things were just going to come spilling out, and I didn’t want to go there. Most of them had to do with work or current political situations, and while I’m perfectly happy to vent from time to time, this was going to be more than that. So, I haven’t been keeping up the journal very well.

But, I’m here now.

I have a new toy! The Amazing Husbandini and I have been increasingly unhappy with the quality of our cell service, so when the opportunity presented itself, we switched companies and I got myself a shiny new phone. You must understand that I, while not having quite the Luddite leanings that my father has (Hi, Dad!), am not overly fond of the trend toward getting oneself the newest-sleekest-shiniest-biggest/smallest-coolest-BEST thing every time one gets the chance. My old phone was just fine, and I didn’t really want a new one. However, I knew I had to get one, and so I was determined to pick the most bare-bones model I could find. I had only two requirements – it had to be comfortable against my ear (I’m not fond of those ear pieces, either), and it had to be a flip phone. My purse has been known to call people before, and I’m bad about remembering to lock the keypad. A flip phone solves both of those problems.

So, we went into the store, found a twelve-year old sales clerk all dressed up in his dad’s dress clothes, (Okay, probably not. But apparently I’ve reached THAT age.) and narrowed down the selection to two. At that point, I caved. I had to have the camera phone. And the cable that lets me download the photos onto my computer. Because while I’ll be dipped if I shell out twenty-five cents to e-mail one of those photos to myself, I’ll happily shell out whole dollars for a cable.

I’ve had the phone for about a week, and I’ve used up about half of the available memory already. Three guesses as to what all the pictures are. Yep. The resident hairball factories.