February 18, 2006

Damn Thee, Library System!

It's a 3-day weekend, and I have new canvases, new ideas, and a big, fat Valentine's Day gift certificate to the "good" art store in town that's just waiting to be spent. I also have a lead on a new display opportunity, so there's a little more inspiration. Hopefully, all these factors can be combined into a productive weekend.


In honor of the Olympics, let's just say that I hold multiple gold medals in the sport of distracting myself from whatever it is that I should be doing. Very few people are better than I am at this sport. This time around, I didn't even have to expend much effort...I just went to the library.

There are two new distractions sitting next to the couch. One is a new sequel to one of my all-time favorite books, and one is a book I've been wanting to read for some time. The library was kind enough to have both of them in stock yesterday. The sequel ("Reflex" by Steven Gould, if you must know...it's a sequel to his most excellent debut novel, "Jumper".) is proving the primary distraction. I won't get into a full-fledged book review right now, but let's just say that I'm disturbed by it. Well, parts of it. It's well-written and very engaging, and - like all of Steven Gould's books - just plain good...but I find it disturbing, still.

In short, maybe I'll get some painting done this weekend, and maybe I won't. More later.