January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Updates will be a bit spotty for a while. (I know...so what else is new?)

The hard drive in my Mac apparently decided it didn't like the cut of 2008's jib, so it decided to off itself in the last few hours of 2007. One day it was working just fine and the next it was making that ominous "whirr...whirr...thunk!" noise that - in my experience, at least - is always associated with a very non-repairable hard drive problem. And since not only is The Amazing Husbandini NOT a Mac guy, but we're talking about a Mac Mini here...it's a trip to the Apple Store for us. But not until after the Christmas bills and road trip to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary are all paid for.

More later...from whatever computer happens to be available, whenever it happens to be available.