January 31, 2008

List, TNG

“Marry a geek.” That’s the best advice I have to give to anyone. Well, that and “eat a green vegetable now and again.” My Mac is still dead, but I have a lovely PC up and running and awaiting my leisure, thanks to the stellar efforts of The Amazing Husbandini.

So now on to other things, like, The List. In my previous post, The List consisted of ten items. I am happy to report that it now consists of eight:

· Finish Christmas painting for Amazing Husbandini

· 5 mini cat paintings for Mom

· Edit and illustrate second children’s book

· “Secondhand Circus” project … Polly, Emmett & Cleo.

· “Heaving Frontispieces” collection.

· Finish paintings/illustrations for 2008 holiday cards

· Acrylics: Keep or lose?

· BIG kitty painting

· Big Acoustic Kitty on Pillow … purple piping

· Cats and fashion ladies

Notes on The List:

The Christmas painting of the Small Enormous Electric Kitty was completed, framed and presented a few days ago, so I can now quit feeling like a total failure for not getting T.A.H. his final present on time.

Mom’s cat paintings are next in my sights. I’m thinking of doing a …. Is “pentych” a word? We have diptychs and triptychs, so if pentych isn’t a word, I’m hereby declaring it one, if only to suit my own selfish purposes.

Pam has said that she’ll be sending me what she has so far on her book so that I can get started with all my editing and illustration-planning duties. Who knew that figuring out what to draw can actually take more time than the actual drawing?

The rest of the items will just have to fall into place as they can. “Heaving Frontispieces” is probably the one I’m most eager to start on, but I’m having some talent doubts that I want to try and work on before I start. I don’t deal well with frustration, and I’d hate to get started on that project and then not be able to do it justice. That kind of frustration usually ends with me throwing things, frightened cats and the consumption of large amounts of pastry. Let’s not go there.

In other news, I’ve finally quit being sick at the sight of all those tiles I painted for the craft fair in November, so I sat down (at my new-ish computer) yesterday to get all the non-holiday tiles written up and posted to my Etsy store. And wouldn’t you know it, the photos of the tiles all seem to have somehow ended up on the hard drive of the Mac. They aren’t in the camera and they aren’t anywhere on the network, so languishing on the (totally inaccessible) hard drive they must be.


Anyway … two things down off The List, and an up-and-running computer at home. These are the things to keep in mind for now.