May 8, 2008

Nothing much of substance to post right now…several projects in the beginning stages, but so early in the beginning stages as to not really be worth documenting quite yet. So instead, I give you some recent kitty (and doggy) photos:

Neighbor kitty to my MIL and FIL. I’ve forgotten said kitty’s name, but he (or she) was having a lovely time on this particular warm day, flitting from branch to branch in this New Mexico Elder, waving a flirtatious paw at me and being very photogenic.

Sandy, the very nice dog who adopted MIL and FIL while they were building their house. Sandy’s puppyhood, what little they’ve been able to figure out about it, wasn’t a pleasant one, but they’re doing their best to give her a good forever home and help her get over some of her trust issues. During this visit, she decided that The Amazing Husbandini was one of her best friends - especially when he demonstrated his proficiency at wielding a doggy hairbrush.

The Big Acoustic Kitty – Paw in Bowl. The window was open, the breeze felt lovely, and I’m really glad that bowl was empty.

TBAK – Artistic Closeup. He was sitting in the sunbeam this afternoon, washing his face. I really liked this particular shot.

TBAK – "What canary?" I just missed getting the tongue as it retreated from another bout of face-washing. I loved his expression in this one.

TBAK – Classic Pose. He looks like this a lot. You just want to snorgle the stuffing out of him! (I loved the sunbeam on one ear.)

The Electric Mayhem – Head Dangle. (She doesn’t like to be left out.)