July 12, 2008

Tres Gatos - Day One

One of the things we noticed about Mr. TBD in the shelter was that, unlike our other two kitties, he was very quiet. Big Acoustic Kitty and Electric Mayhem can be quite the talkers when they want to be. Scratch that...BAK can be chatty when the mood strikes, but EM is downright unshutupable. So when we went to adopt him, The Amazing Husbandini and I commented that we wondered if he even had a meow, and my, how refreshing a quiet cat would be in our household.


Of course he cried in the carrier on the drive home. That was totally expected. When we went in to check on him later, there were just a few very small "mews" let out. (But the purring...my goodness! Not loud, but very noticeable...especially when the kitty throat and chest were stretched out along my leg.) But then came bedtime. Mr. TBD, we have discovered, does not care to be left alone. As a matter of fact, he marks his displeasure with full voice, as only a kitty can. So when we left him, he cried. When I went to bed, he cried. When TAH came to bed, he cried. When the sun came up this morning and we started stirring...you guessed it.

As I type this, TAH is hanging out in the guest/sanctuary room with Mr. TBD, discovering just exactly how not-standoffish this cat is. Mr. TBD keeps telling us that he's settled in quite nicely now, thank you very much, and is ready to come out and be with us and explore the rest of the house. Big Acoustic Kitty, on the other paw, knows that there is an interloper among us, and is still rather uncertain about the whole thing. Currently he's hanging out in the studio window, enjoying the fresh (and for a change, cool) air. But we've noticed he doesn't wander around as much now that he knows there's another cat in the house. Since a curtailment of his territory is one of the things we were most concerned about in this whole endeavor, we'll be taking things on his schedule, not on Mr. TBD's. We'll just lay in a supply of earplugs.

Again...photos when he gets a little more settled. Right now, he's so happy and such a wiggle that I don't think we could get him to sit still long enough to take the picture.