July 16, 2008

Tabby Tummy!

For the first time in a long, long time, there is a safe-to-pet kitty tummy in the house. Bonus, it's a tabby striped tummy! (squee!) We have discovered that Mr. TBD - we're almost settled on an alias - not only likes to have his tummy rubbed, but also has no problem with getting his paws fondled. On Day Two, we actually managed to trim his claws! The only difficulty we ran into was that he tends to want to rub his muzzle on your hands while you're doing the clipping...could have been hazardous if there hadn't been two of us.

He's off for his first visit to the family vet tomorrow morning...he needs his rabies shot, and he's got a nasty cold that he can't seem to shake. He has green and yellow gooey things coming out of his nose and eyes that just aren't good. And since the face-to-face introductions can't proceed while he's got this contagious nastiness, he's off to get some antibiotics or something.

So far Big Acoustic Kitty has continued to be wary, but there's really only been one hissing incident under the door. BAK does tend to scuttle towards safety whenever he feels like he might be out of his depth, but the curiosity continues to bring him back to check out the weird new cat smells/sounds.

(Aside: BAK is objecting to my use of the word "scuttle". Too bad. A more accurate description doesn't exist.)

The Electric Mayhem knows that something is afoot (apaw?) but so far hasn't started throwing herself at the kitty gate and demanding access to the upstairs. Considering her personality, we're considering this a good sign.

So there's tonight's update. More news when it happens.