August 2, 2008

Mr. TBD = Cosmo

Cosmo (formerly referred to as Mr. TBD), in all his furry glory. He's a ribbon fiend, and has created some lovely macrame installations all around the studio.

We've discovered some other nice things about our newest addition -- He was obviously hand-raised, since he has no problem with us playing with his tummy or his paws. Claw-clipping is not going to be the issue with him that it is with the Big Acoustic Kitty and the Electric Mayhem. He also like to be held, carried, and even put over on his back like a baby. After 10 years of "No, don't touch me! Touch me! Stop touching me! I want to be petted! Get away from me!" attitudes from the other two psychos, this is very refreshing.

(Actually, we were discussing over breakfast this morning that we're some kind of feline abuse survivors. After 10 years living with Grumpy and Evil, we're not quite sure how to deal with this laid-back, gentle little beast we've found ourselves with.)

On the feline integration front, things are going....okay, I guess. We brought BAK and Cosmo together, and while it didn't result in bloodshed or open warfare, it didn't go well. BAK made it clear that he was not interested in having this interloper around. In the process of all this, we made an important discovery...BAK really can't see more than about six inches in front of his face anymore. We knew his eyesight was going, but we hadn't gotten any good idea of how far it had deteriorated. Now we know. And how we know is by watching him ignore Cosmo until the new guy got within about six inches of him. Then the hissing and spitting would start. We gave it a few days, since all the unhappiness and aggro were on BAK's part, but finally Cosmo started getting what we could only describe as frustrated. BAK would hiss at him, and Cosmo would turn and give us this look that just seemed to say, "Is he going to keep this up forever? 'Cause I'm doing my best to make friends over here." Rather than have that keep up, we re-segregated the two boys, and we're now working on introductions between Cosmo and the Electric Mayhem. We haven't reached the face-to-face stage, but so far things are going as well as can be expected.

More details as they happen.

(Oh, "Cosmo" is a reference to Vincent Gardenia's character in Moonstruck. They share the same facial expressions.)