August 6, 2008


We've had Cosmo just under a month, so I guess it shouldn't have surprised us. We were downstairs, watching reruns of the Rockies first season (dredged up from the vault to kill time during a rain delay), when suddenly we heard hissing coming from the Electric Mayhem. Curious, we wandered over to see what on earth had her so upset...only to discover that Cosmo had apparently decided that he was ready expand his horizons and explore the rest of the house. He had gone over the wall (or in this case, the kitty gate at the top of the stairs) and had been wandering about the house - the bell on his collar silenced - for who knew how long. When EM finally alerted us, Cosmo was down in the basement, prowling around my sewing area.

On the one hand, this means that Big Acoustic Kitty has his whole upstairs territory to himself again...which in a way is too bad, since BAK and Cosmo finally seemed to be getting more comfortable with each other. On the other hand, now we have to relocate all of Cosmo's stuff downstairs, and play referee while Electric Mayhem decides what she thinks about this interloper.

So far, EM seems mostly confused. Cosmo comes near her, she hisses and spits and throws a fit and then Cosmo just...ignores her. She just doesn't quite know what to think about that. So then she goes and eats his food.

The food is going to be an issue. EM has been restricted to diet kibble lately (and was down a whopping 6 oz at her last vet visit!), while Cosmo gets the regular stuff. I think we may have to go to a twice-daily feeding schedule so that Madame Pudge-Pot doesn't get into any calories that don't belong to her.

Photos to follow...once Cosmo stops scurrying around, trying to get everything sniffed at once.