January 16, 2009

Blissfully, Frightfully Unemployed

I won't discuss my last week at work. I always tried not to complain too much here about my job, and since I no longer work there, I see no need to begin now. I will just say that I am unbelievably happy to be out of a toxic work environment that had done a damn fine job of turning me into someone who I not only didn't like, but barely recognized.

I did find one thing kind of funny, though. It got to be really interesting to watch people's reactions when they realized that I was leaving behind a nice, cushy white collar job that paid me a pretty good salary for only working a few hours a day in order to get a degree that would allow me to get a nice, labor-intensive, blue collar job that would pay me less money for harder, longer hours. A couple of people understood - jealousy was expressed. But the majority of people just walked away with puzzled looks on their faces. (And a few walked away after making somewhat condescending comments, either directly to me or when they thought I was out of earshot.)

But you know what? That is just fine with me. The confused and condescending people aren't the ones I cared much for anyway. The couple of people I truly cared about were among the ones who honestly wished me well, so obviously my people-reading skills are still pretty sharp. (Thank you, Pop-Pop!)

Anyway, enough about the job I don't have anymore. In future posts, I'll be discussing the job I do have ... SAHKM! ("Geseundheit!")

(That would be Stay At Home Kitty Mama, for those not in the know.)