May 24, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig.

Or is it "jiggity"? Dunno.

Anyway, we're back. Colorado has prepared a somewhat cool, cloudy and humid weekend for us, to help alleviate our post-beach blues. It's not working very well.

The Amazing Husbandini and I are in agreement about a few things after our vacation ... (Actually, we're in agreement about a whole lot of things, on and off of vacation. I guess that's one of the reasons we've managed to stay married for 10 years.) One big appeal of the Oregon coast, at least before the Memorial Day weekend, is its lack of people! We went much of our vacation not having anything at all to do with any other human beings. Ravens, blue jays and seagulls, yes, but not so much with the people. Then we came back to Colorado, and in the slightly more than 24 hours that we've been home, we've each - separately and together - had powerful urges to kill people. So, rather than spend our 11th anniversary in federal custody, we're starting to think about buying a house. A house way, way, waaayyy out in the county. The Amazing Husbandini's uncle - Unca T - just got himself a nice little pile out in Elbert County, and apparently the guy he worked with got him a fantabulous deal, even in this credit market. So we'll see. We're just tossing the idea around right now.

The original plan was to just win Powerball while we were out there, come home long enough to collect the kitties and then beat it back to God's country. But TAH doesn't seem to have any better luck with lottery tickets in Oregon than he does here in Colorado. But that's okay ... at least we're here with the kitties while we wait for the lottery gods to smile upon us.

The Big Acoustic Kitty, who apparently cried for the entire time we were gone, spent the night sleeping right next to my pillow. For once, he didn't even pretend to be mad at me for being gone ... he was just thrilled that I was back. It's so nice to be loved.

The weeds in the garden grew about a month's worth in the two weeks we were gone, so they've moved to the top of my to-do list. The mower, the shovel and the bottle of RoundUp will be set loose on the yard this week. Go ahead - lambaste me if you must over the chemicals. I've spent four summers doing the "no chemicals" thing on this blankety-blank yard ... this year, I'm nuking them. Not all of them, mind you. Just those damn weeds that come up in the backyard masonry. I've done vinegar, salt water, hand-pulling after a good soak ... they refuse to be reasonable, and I'm done trying to be nice about it. They're going down in chemically-fueled flames. (So to speak.)

In other news, I got my grades for spring semester ... still rockin' that 4.0 GPA, thankyouverramuch.

That's it, really. Not a lot to say other than, "we're back."

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