May 8, 2009

School's Out Forev.....well, a couple of weeks, anyway.

Bad blogger, no doughnut! I've let almost an entire month elapse without a post of any kind...and while this is in no way unusual, I had really meant to be better about posting now that the gardening season is ramping up.

Anyway, it is what it is. And since our long-awaited vacation begins bright and early Tuesday morning, the dust will continue to accumulate on KittyChair until the end of the month. The Amazing Husbandini may be all set to post from coast, but I plan on sitting around and growing mold.

Some coming attractions, however...

  • KittyChair Designs' Etsy shop will be open again at the beginning of June, come what may!
  • Gardening and assorted Horticulture posts! (Both my garden(s) and Master Gardener stuff, as well as general hort-related items of interest.)
  • Art! (Not all of it can go up on Etsy, so I might as well put it here.)
  • Cats! (Duh.)
  • Trials and tribulations of my first online class! "Spanish for the Professional" (Don't get me started.)
God I'm boring.

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