June 30, 2009

Jesus Christ, People.

Warning: Rant Ahead.

At the risk of sounding like Bob Barker, how goddamn hard is it to spay or neuter your pets??? Call around and find a group willing to do it for what you can afford to pay ... they're certainly out there.

Yeah, I know...the economy sucks right now. Guess what? We're getting by on one income, and the three holy terrors we live with are STILL livin' high off the hog. And if, God forbid, the Amazing Husbandini suddenly became unemployed, the beasts would still have food, vet care and a roof over their heads. Cheap food, sure. Maybe a shelter vet instead of the fancy-schmancy "cats only" boutique vet they go to now. Probably a roof over a lot less square footage. But we took responsibility for their lives, and I'll be damned if we're going to jettison them just because things get tight.

What's that? You have children you have to take care of as well? All the more reason to take care of your pets, dumbass! I understand that you want to take the best care possible of little Ichabod and baby Fistula, but ditching Fido and Fluffy in times of need doesn't exactly teach your kids the best message.

I know, I know ... I don't have children, so I can't possibly understand. Don't hand me that shit. I grew up in a family with not much money AND a fabulous, well-maintained cat. If we managed it, so can you. (R.I.P., Chinese.)

I realize that the 2.8 people who read this blog are the choir, and I'm spending a lot of emotional energy preaching to them. But this and this just set me off tonight.

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