July 16, 2009

Shoo. I'm busy.

Wow, this summer got crazy busy. And not with anything I had really been planning on. Yes, I'm still gardening, taking classes, doing artwork (seriously!) and taking photos of the kitties. But, there's one overwhelming project that has taken over most of my (our) time, and until that's under control sometime in mid-September, don't expect to hear much from me.

However, before I go ... in light of my last post, I would like to remind everyone that I do actually have a sense of humor, even about serious issues, and if you haven't seen this yet, please enjoy: The reason one cat isn't getting neutered. (Originally found via Cute Overload, so if you go there a lot, you've already seen it.)

Back in September, with the chance of sporadic scattered-brained updates between now and then.

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