September 21, 2009

A Herd of One

A week or two ago, while surfing kitty sites and missing Ziggy, I suddenly became aware of the sound of footsteps ... on the roof. After a minor freakout (should I run out in my pj's, swinging the baseball bat before or after I dial 911?) I determined that it was just the inspector from the city, checking out the new roof. (Guys? It's called a doorbell. Next time, please use it.)

Today, while downstairs studying for my tree and shrub quizzes with The Electric Mayhem (she's good on the maples, but the catalpa leaf scars still throw her off), I had another minor freakout when I heard footsteps rushing about over my head. The culprit was quickly identified:

This house was built in the mid-70s and the construction is, in general, much more solid than recent stuff. But the acoustics are such that Big Acoustic Kitty makes himself sound like many, many more kitties when he goes tearing up and down the upstairs hallway. Which, of course, pleases him to no end.

(Photo from the KittyChair archives. Isn't he a handsome boy?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's funny... and yes, BAK is very handsome! (Well, you knew I thought that already, but no harm in the occasional reaffirmation, right?)

It reminds me, too, of the first couple of weeks we spent in our place here, when the automatic icemaker in the original refrigerator would run. I'd be sitting in the living room or the office and hear it, and my thoughts would go through a progression something like this:

Hmm, I hear water running; must be the upstairs neighbors.
Wait. We don't have upstairs neighbors anymore.
Oh--it's just the icemaker...

I'm quite sure that all this was visible on my face as I was thinking it, so it probably would have sent someone else into gales of laughter if they'd been around. LOL