September 20, 2009

Baltimore Kitties Need a Home!

I'm late in posting this, but if you are in need of some kitties, or if you know someone who is, and you (or they) live in the Baltimore area, won't you please consider Colston and Ashton? They are big, beautiful boys who are going to lose their loving home through no fault of their own. Their human mom is trying so very hard to find them a loving home, and I'm just doing my little bit to help. You can read more about them and their story here.


They're beautiful. Somebody please give them a good Forever Home, okay?

(Once again, photos swiped without permission from Adventures of Space Paws. Consider it copyright infringement for a good cause.)

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, Kitty Chair, I read this and meant to get back to you and thank you... and, well... life happened!

So consider it official... Thank you sooo much! (And we've gotten several nibbles!!! Yeah! Let's cross our fingers one of them pans out!)