September 14, 2009

Portrait of a FOTZ

Just a quick post today, as I'm woefully behind in my homework. However, there's someone I've been meaning to introduce my tiny corner of the internet to:

This is Gus. Or Gustav, if we want to be formal. He is what is known in our house as a FOTZ, or "Friend of The Ziggy". Gus, alas, does not live in our house. Gus currently lives all the way over in Baltimore, and the odds are good that his Forever Home (if ever a term deserves capitalization, I think that one does) will be somewhere in that area. His whole story can be found here and if it doesn't stir some warm fuzzies in you, then you aren't a very nice person and I don't wish to know you.

Now, if you do some date comparisons between posts here and the posts about Gus, you'll realize that Gus and Ziggy were most likely never friends in real life - even allowing for the lives they lived post-rescue. But that's not really what being a FOTZ (or a "FOT-insert first initial of one of our other kitties here") is all about. FOTZ simply means that there is some kindred spirit-ness between these cats. Something about the look in Gus' eyes - in this photo, in particular - spoke to both me and The Amazing Husbandini. We know Gus isn't Ziggy, but something of what made Ziggy so very special is there is Gus also. It's comforting.

I'm not doing a very good job of explaining this concept. If nothing else, it means that Gus is special to us and we have been tracking his story on the Space Paws website with great interest. He has a meet n' greet this week with some potential adopters, and I hope everything goes well for all concerned. And if it doesn't ... well, Baltimore is only about 1,700 miles away. I've done longer road trips that had less of a payoff.

(Note: Gus' portrait was swiped from The Adventures of Space Paws, and I didn't even ask permission first. I know that's not technically kosher, so if it bothers anyone, I'll be happy to take it down and apologize.)


Anonymous said...

You know, for about the past week, I've been racking my brains for some way to bribe the Space Paws crew into putting a hold on Gus until you guys could make a run out to Maryland to adopt him (and, alas, coming up empty). My head understands that if he can be adopted locally, that would most likely be best for him, but I fear my heart disagrees; it really, really wants this little ball of fluffy orange love to be part of OUR family, and the sheer awesomeness of a Maddie Bouvier-esque long-distance adoption story would just really be off the charts, especially when I know we'd all love him up one side and down the other.

Sigh. I'm trying to tell myself that it will be a happy ending for Gus, however it turns out--I'm sure the folks at Space Paws would never, ever, let him go to a home that they weren't absolutely certain was the best, and he's such a sweet little guy that people ought to be lining up to adopt him. But I still can't help wishing really, really hard that everyone in the Baltimore area will suddenly develop temporary insanity, or experience an attack of inexplicable aversion to adorable orange tabbies, or something that would leave the playing field open...

KittyChair Designs said...

Gus would be a delight, but as much as I would welcome a Maddie Bouvier-esque surprise, I will be okay as long as Gus gets a "Space Paws Approved" home.

Ziggy and I had several long talks during his last few days at home about him interviewing potential new additions to our family. He knew all about the move schedule and the 60 day waiting period between FIV/FeLV tests for BAK and EM. So I am just waiting (sometimes patiently, sometimes not) for his nominee to come along sometime after mid-October.

(It's funny the things you hang your emotional hat on sometimes ... I'm a little afraid of a bit of a breakdown happening if a new kitty doesn't present him- or herself by Thanksgiving. I need to get a handle on that.)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, guys, I'm in puddles over here!

I mean big puddles! You have so touched my heart, both with your love for Ziggy and now your love for Gus. You are just the best!

KC, I do know what you mean about a look... a spark... a bit of spirit. I'm feeling so guilty. But not guilty. But... well, you know...

Lord, but we were blessed to have wonderful people wanting Gus. We would have been so honored to have you as "in-laws." Since it didn't happen that way, I am still looking forward to being a little part of the BAK, EM's and your lives!

And about the pic, we weren't bothered, we were honored! Who stands on protocol with family!?