November 13, 2009

Introducing ... Well, You Know.

Since most of the people who read this blog are friends, family or folks who found their way here via The Amazing Husbandni's blog, this will not be news to anyone. However, I would be terribly remiss if I didn't immortalize recent events here on KittyChair.

Introducing "Da Boyz":

(No, not the best photo. Don't worry, just keep scrolling.)

These are the two newest members of our little clan, Thing One and Thing Two. (Yes, they'll most likely get better aliases at some point.) They've actually been here with us for just over three weeks, and have done a wonderful job of insinuating themselves into our hearts. They spent nights and a lot of their daytime hours in the "sanctuary room", for the first week or so, but we started gradually introducing them to The Electric Mayhem so that they could expand their territory into the downstairs. Last night we left them down there all night for the first time (the holidays are coming and we need the guest room back, so it had to happen) and as of this morning, everything seems be fine. (Well, relatively...)

There's still quite a bit of hissing and spitting coming from The Electric Mayhem, mostly directed at Thing Two - the DSH with a Russian Blue lurking in his family tree somewhere. T2 is about a year old, and still very kittenish in his behavior sometimes. Other times, he's a very quiet, curious boy who has to investigate everything very thoroughly while staying on the outskirts of the action. That combination is a little unnerving to EM, I think, and is the reason that their relationship still needs some work. She just can't figure him out, so she gets pissy.

Thing One - the handsome DLH buff tabby - is around three years old, and a big love bug. Unlike every other kitty in this house (including Ziggy, if I'm honest), T1 loves to get his tummy rubbed. He's got that "I must be in the middle of whatever it is you're doing" thing going on, but if you can get some fingertips into his tummy fur, he just rolls over and turns into a puddle of kitty-goo. And soft? Oh my goodness...I have never felt such soft kitty fur in my life. He's the more emotionally needy of the two, and I must admit that it gets a little frustrating when I'm trying to get anything done. But, he's the kind of cat you simply cannot stay annoyed with.

T2, in typical grey kitty/Russian Blue fashion, is a little difficult to photograph. T1 is a very photogenic boy, and his section of the data card in the camera is growing daily. However, here is a selection of some of the photos we've been able to get of our new additions:

After one of their downstairs outings, the gate got left open and EM managed to get upstairs. But T2 was on top of the situation.

T1 has not yet grasped the importance of semester projects. I suspect my final grades will reflect this.

The Big Acoustic Kitty is using meditation to cope with the situation. "Focus on the Klibans. Be the Klibans."


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Great to see all four of them in one post! I know what you mean about emotionally needy... that's Miss Aggie. There are days I love having her snuggle up and others... well, let's just say I wish there were times she wasn't needy!!

BAK pic/caption cracked me up!!!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Just checked in to see if there was an update... I forgot to mention, I love the nicknames Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Anonymous said...

Tell T2 he looks very elegant.


waterdragon687 said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to meet "Da Boyz" when we're over for Thanksgiving... they both sound like real sweeties. (And I confess I'm looking forward to trying out this tummy-rub business with T1--I've never known a kitty who'd even put up with that before, much less like it! LOL) Great pics of everybody, thanks for sharing... oh, and give BAK an extra skritch or two from me, ok?