October 9, 2009

Sound the All-Clear!

For those of you who haven't heard, The Electric Mayhem went in to the vet yesterday for her second FIV/FeLV test, and she came up negative once again. So both kitties are in the clear on that front.

As an interesting side note, (well, it was interesting to me, anyway) each of the cats has a distinct preference in radio selections for their trips to the vet. The Big Acoustic Kitty prefers to listen to either the classical or the jazz station in the car. Lately he's been leaning more towards jazz. The Electric Mayhem really prefers to listen to the complaints of another cat in the car with her. (She feeds on their distress - it calms her right down.) However, yesterday it was just the two of us in the car, and after trying classical (an opera selection - I didn't think she needed the encouragement) and jazz and a few of the commercial stations with no success, she settled down as soon as I put the baseball game on. I don't know if it sounded familiar to her from all of her multiple-inning cuddle sessions with the Amazing Husbandini, or if she's just really been following the playoffs this year or what, but that's what did it for her yesterday. Guess we'll have to get her a Colorado Rockies collar now.

Anyway, now that she's gotten her clean bill of health, she's begun agitating for minions. Is this not the face of a cat who needs some?

(Not the greatest quality photo in the world, but it does capture her personality.)

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