October 13, 2009

"You Are a Cat Bearer, Frodo..."

"...to bear a cat is to be abused."

Yes, I know that's not really what she said.

The frost is on the pumpkin, the leaves are rapidly abandoning their posts, and the Big Acoustic Kitty has decided that the time has come to assume the "catloaf" position as often as possible. He has also decided that his favorite spot is right in the middle of my desk chair. As soon as I sit down and get the chair up to proper loafing temperature, he will hop up on his walkway of boxes (I will never be allowed to unpack those last few), climb over my knees (I've been trained to swivel in the chair so he can reach them and then swivel back so he can reach the desk), climb up onto the desktop where he can block the monitor and engage in some "head-butts of love" until he's decided that enough is enough and I need to vacate that chair immediately, if not sooner.

Having achieved the highest ranks of Cat Persondom (read: I know it's just easier to do what they want, when they want it done), I then give up my chair and wait until he's comfortably settled before gently swiveling the chair around so that he can look out the window while he loafs. I then kneel awkwardly next to the chair and continue surfing. I could go into the Amazing Husbandini's office and use his computer, but that would result in BAK having to leave his post to follow me, and that's not cool.

I don't really have a good photo of the current state of affairs, but this photo will give you a good starting point:

This is BAK nested on the pile of soft, cushy things that had been used as packing/padding in various boxes. (Like the Kliban sheets? They'll eventually be the curtains in the studio.) This nest was just fine, but there was much stretching and adjusting and fussing that had to occur to be able to have a nest with a view. So as of today, the entire pile of stuff (minus the teddy bear) has been transferred ON TO the seat of my office chair, for maximum feline enjoyment. Do I remove the pile when I am allowed to sit on my chair? No, I do not. Do I sit on top of it and simply adjust to being four inches higher than usual, rather than risk BAK's disapproval? Yes, I do.

Don't judge unless you've been the recipient of a head-butt of love. They're powerful inducements.

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