October 15, 2009


The Denver Dumb Friends League is having a cat sale*. Through the end of October, they have reduced their adoption fees to $25 for cats 1 year of age and older, and if you adopt two cats in that age group, they will waive the adoption fee for the second cat.

Oh, dear.

I'm standing my ground on the whole "we're not adopting anybody until after I get back from my trip" issue. But after I get home, there will still be 5 whole days left in October.

Stay tuned, I guess.

*It's not really a "sale", per se. But you get the gist of it.

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hmmmm... no posts since the 21st, eh? ;-)

Can't believe I've let a whole month go by without checking in on you, KC! I'll be back tomorrow to go through back posts... year end at work... dad's visit... nephew's wedding... and taking care of the kittehs. My excuses & I'm sticking to them!

In the meantime, congrats on the new additions!! :-)