February 6, 2010

PSA: Puppy Bowl VI

Better late than never, right?

If there's anyone out there who shares my complete and utter disinterest in football and isn't aware that there is a cute n' fuzzy option out there, please hie yourself over to Animal Planet's website and check out all the info on tomorrow's broadcast of Puppy Bowl VI. This year there will not only be the All-Kitten Halftime Show, but also hamsters flying the blimp and rabbit cheerleaders. (I'm waiting for the Disapproving Rabbits reaction to the whole thing.)

The Amazing Husbandini has set the DVR to record Puppy Bowl for me while he watches that other sporting event tomorrow. That way he can call me if there are any worthwhile commercials to watch, but I can still get my furry critter fix.

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