May 20, 2010

16.5 & 9.9

16.5 is what showed up on the bathroom scale the other morning when the Big Yellow Hallway Monster* stepped on it. The late and still-lamented Ziggy topped out at 17. Considering the way he eats, I think BYHM may break that record.

9.9 is what Big Acoustic Kitty weighed in at during yesterday's vet visit. That's quite a bit down from the 14-ish pounds that he weighed during his prime. But considering the fight he put up before we finally got him into his carrier, he's still chugging along reasonably well for an old man.

* This is the cat formerly referred to as Thing 1. His nocturnal lurkings in the upstairs hallway got him his new nickname, courtesy of Grandpa.


Sharly said...

Most of the kitties in our collection are nearer the 16 lbs. mark. We grow 'em big around here, too! Our biggest ever was our precious Garfield who topped out at 23 lbs!

KittyChair Designs said...

@Sharly - There's just something wonderful about big kitties ... though I'm not sure I'd want 23 lb of cat landing on me in the middle of the night!