May 27, 2010

Scene From a Tree Lot - Take 1

Today, a woman came wandering into the nursery where I work, asking to speak to someone about nut trees. After informing her that we don't carry any kind of nut trees - and much discussion regarding why that is* - she asked if we had any other suggestions for her. (At this point, I must ask you to keep in mind that this conversation occured at the end of a very long day, and all I wanted was to get off my feet and out of the heat. Therefore, I didn't ask all of the questions I usually ask of prospective tree adopters.) I suggested a variety of fruit trees, at which point she informed me that she already had five apple trees at home, waiting to be planted. What she was looking for, she finally told me, was something for the bears.


She had come looking for nut trees, she said, because she had already planted several fruit trees (not including those five apples) and she wanted to plant something that would give the bears a source of protein.

So she went wandering off into the greenhouse in search of a protein source for bears, while I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to clock out and go home. So I did.

*FYI - Colorado (at least our section - I'm not certain about the Western Slope) doesn't have a long enough growing season for nut trees. At least, not if you actually want to get any nuts off of them.

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HubbleSpacePaws said...


Some days are just better than others. Twisted or not, this has got to rank up there with the good ones!