July 1, 2010

Gratuitous Kitty Photos

In order to function properly lately, I've needed to make sure that I get my daily dose of fuzz-therapy. Luckily, I have four very ready sources of same. And because I know that life often hands us all a bit more than we're really comfortable with, here are some photos of "The Horde" to help things along.

First, we have The Big Acoustic Kitty, relaxing in the afternoon sunbeam that comes through the guest bathroom window. Apparently, this is the best late-day sunbeam in the house. He's not terribly pleased about having his photo taken.

Next - to go in order of seniority - is The Electric Mayhem. Her Majesty fussed and fussed and fussed to be let out into the sunroom, regardless of what I told her about it being rather cold and wet that day. But note the fires of evil flickering in her eyes ... I guess when you have your own infernal heat source, a little rain doesn't mean much.

Okay, now, this is just kind of a ridiculous photo. The Big Yellow Hallway Monster loves to flop over onto his back and show the world his tummy. But on this particular day, a roguish sunbeam found its way onto his nether regions, and he was a little confused by the warmth for a bit. Then he napped. But I think the late John Denver wouldn't have objected to our serenading BYHM with "Sunshine on Mah Harbuhls Makes Meh Happee". *

The Leetle Grreeeeyyy Kitty. (You really have to work up a good Peter Lorre accent for it to sound right.) Oh, my ... this boy is one of a kind. In a good way. Aside from the delight he takes in tormenting his older sister, he is the sweetest little love-bug ever. Alas, that grey fur of his doesn't photograph all that well. But this is a pretty good one of Mr. Roquefort in repose.

And, finally ... a little brotherly kitty love. It always starts with a little nose-rubbing...

And then it ends up as something else. Ka-Pow!

*Apologies for the lapse into LOLspeak. It can happen to the best of us.

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Thanks for the lift, hon!! I agree, John wouldn't have minded the serenade. You can hit us with gratuitous kitty pics anytime!

PS-Nothing wrong with a judicious use of LOL speak in appropriate situations. The key that some many forget is judicious!