July 6, 2010


On Friday, the sign near the time clock read, "Free Kittens!" It then went on to explain that our store manager had rescued some semi-feral kittens and they needed homes. It suggested that they would probably make good barn cats.

"Hmm," I said to myself. "I hope she finds good homes for them."

This morning, the sign near the time clock read, "Free Kittens!" It then went on to explain that the kittens had been worked with over the weekend and were actually quite friendly and were able to be picked up and played with. "The black and white one is spoken for, but the all-black one is still available!"

Uh-oh. I can't help but think that we still have a little bit of space here and there ... see?

However, other opinions have not been favorable:

"I am STILL the head of this household, and I say no more cats!"


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, lordy, yes! I know that danger signal.

Tomorrow I go to see if we can capture a momma and kittens and, yeah, bring them back here. My good sense is telling me no, 7 is more than enough in one house. Get the three fosters you've got homes and then take another. Then there's the bleeding heart that says, but you could give them the basement. Nobody goes down there but Grey....

I'm toast. But you... there's still hope... listen to the BAK.

KittyChair Designs said...

@Lisa -

No worries, BAK will indeed have the last word. If nothing else, the finances will simply not stretch enough to safely cover another 4 paws. The responsibilities we have to the four fur-babies we already have must come first.

I just hope they don't start posting photos along with the "free kittens" sign ... that might do me in. :-)