July 9, 2010

Scene From a Tree Lot - Take 2

Customer: Do you have any sage?

Me: Yes, we do. Are you looking for the herb or the shrub?

Customer: Well, whatever one they use for cleaning.

Me: Cleaning?

Customer's Husband: She means 'cleansing'.

Customer: I just got a new job and the lady who had the office before me died. I want a plant for my office that will cleanse it.

Me: ...

Customer: These will grow under florescent lights, right?

I did my due diligence and told her I thought she would probably need a better light source than that. The last I saw of her, she and her husband were headed indoors (with their new 5-gallon sage[brush] plant) in search of a desktop grow light.

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waterdragon687 said...

Well, sagebrush HAS traditionally been used by Native Americans (and, by extension, many modern neopagans) in rituals designed to cleanse a space of negative energy, but all of those I've ever heard of involve a smudge stick--a small bundle of stems and dry leaves that's lit on fire and then tamped out, like incense, so that the smoke can be wafted around the place in question--rather than a live plant. So yeah, sounds like your customer was going on general hearsay rather than having actually done her own research, but hey, no harm in growing a plant in one's office--and at least the nursery made a few bucks' profit off the deal. LOL